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         A year ago I fell in love with a shirt. Not only was it made from beautiful handmade fabric from Osaka, but it was cut in a classic 50’s style that just doesn’t exist anymore in contemporary fashion.

         I wanted another but they simply didn’t exist. I looked at everyone from the mainstream brands to the high-fashion houses. Their collections were disappointing. Most are untailored, some even blousy. But worse, the material used is a light, fragile rayon or polyester. 

         I wanted a classically tailored shirt made out of gorgeous fabric….


         I took my shirt to a pattern maker and told her the exact alterations I wanted. Then after more than a year of research, I found the few distributers that still carry the extremely limited-edition, ultra-premium fabrics I required.

         Each FTC shirt is made from our original pattern. They are not cut to follow trends; they are cut to follow the human form.  They make you look elegant. The shorter length makes you look taller and your legs longer.  The boxy classic fit broadens the shoulders and the wide short sleeves accentuate the arms.

         Each shirt also has a number of subtle details only the owner will notice. The pocket is matched. This takes a great deal more fabric but is an enduring sign of quality in the tailoring.  Depending on style, each shirt comes with the highest quality buttons crafted from coconuts, river stones, or mother of pearl.  The bottom button is randomly selected.

         We choose to stay extremely exclusive. We partner with textile artisans from around the world to acquire the ultra-premium fabrics we use.  Often our fabric is produced only once. Because of this, our collections are extremely limited.

         We create shirts that reflect our company philosophy of providing the highest quality, shirts that you are not going to see on anyone else, ever.

Win Brooks - Founder